Employee Benefits
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We will expect from you
Employee Benefits

Company sponsored Medical & Personal Accident Policies
Best in Industry Compensation & Stipends
Regular Team Building activities and a friendly work environment
Provident Fund & Pension Plan Benefits

Join Our Team

iCube Logics is a rapidly growing Engineering Software Services and Products company with offices in Hyderabad, Pune and Singapore. We work closely with large customers in North America, Europe, India and South East Asia on Engineering Software products and Services.

At iCube, in addition to an exciting career in Autonomous Robots/Vehicles, PLM, VR, MR, IoT and Enterprise IT, you can expect:

A Competitive Pay Package
Direct Interaction with customers across various countries
Projects within India and abroad
Guidance and mentoring from very experienced staff on various aspects of Autonomous robots/PLM / VR / MR / IoT / Enterprise Software Development
A variety of assignments that will provide a rich experience while adding value to your organization
And importantly, career growth and a friendly environment that encourages you to innovate and propose your own ideas to address Technical challenges / issues

Send your resume to jobs@icubelogics.com
We will expect from you

A keen interest in the domains of Autonomous Robots / PLM / VR / MR / IoT / Enterprise Software 
Effective communication with Internal and External customers
A high degree of Professionalism, Integrity and Business Etiquette
Flexibility in working on various assignments in locations in India and abroad
High Quality results
Continuous learning
A positive attitude and to develop an excellent team spirit