Mixed Reality and Internet Of Things Products & Services

iCubeVR - Interactive Factory Layout Planning with Factory Walk-Throughs
Mixed Reality based multi-Technician Assembly Process Training
VR based Fabrication / Welding Training
Usage of multiple types of Head Mounted Devices
Usage of actual CAD models in VR / MR based Planning and Manufacturing Training Solutions
Usage of Electronic Work Instructions for Training
IoT based Machine Vision Solution to extract Drawing Information from Engineering Drawings and updating in PLM
Typical Industries - Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Machinery and Pharmaceuticals

Modeling & Simulation (M&S)

Federal customers for Land, Air and Marine Platforms
Integration with various Equipment Mockups, Microcontrollers for real time Scientific Computing
Development of various Soft-panels
Distributed Simulations using HLA (High Level Architecture)
Extensive Graphics Modeling of Terrains, Ground, Aerial & Marine Platforms
Reports for Operator Evaluation & Performance
Extensive Graphical briefing / de-briefing on Simulation Goals
Time Compression techniques used during Simulation for long-duration exercises
High resolution models developed along with different special effect
Weather Effects
Active Night Vision Simulation for Night Exercises
Autonomous Hostile platform Simulation

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Image & Video Processing
Machine Learning for AR applications
Time Series Analysis
Trend recognition, analysis and Prediction